Sunday, 6 October 2013

Chicken Ezekiel Wrap

Almost every Sunday I make food for myself for the week. My job takes me all over the place, I don't have an office space, so that means no fridge or means to heat anything up. I don't have a lunch break, I eat whenever I can, which is usually at lunch time. Sometimes I pullover and eat on the side of the road, in a cafe, while I'm waiting for an appointment with someone or sometimes at our community kitchen where I work. This wrap was perfect for the week!

1 pack of Ezekiel wraps (6 in a pack)
Shredded rotisserie chicken
1 yellow, 1 orange pepper sauteed
1 onion sauteed
Hot pepper jelly 1 tbsp per wrap
1 avocado, divided into 6
1/8 cup of daiya mozzarella per wrap
Pickled jalapeno (optional)

Heat a pan over medium heat. Spread the hot pepper jelly over the wrap, put all the other ingredients in. Roll it up. Place in the pan and brown on both sides. I placed a heavier plate on top of the wrap to flatten it a bit.

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