Sunday, 29 May 2011

A little bit about me....

So this is my first time writing a blog of any kind, never mind a food blog. I love sharing ideas with friends and family about cooking and menu planning, but I am not the kind to post on the Internet, I don't even change my statuses on Facebook. I wanted to do this blog to show you all how I keep my daily dinner times stress free, I plan ahead. My parents are from Newfoundland and my husband from Vietnam, so I love to cook just about anything.

I have three children first is my oldest Tien who won't eat anything green, except for green peas. He is the pickiest of the bunch, he will find the smallest onion in anything and pick it out, there's no fooling him. He is kind and treats others with respect, except for his brother sometimes. Dante is my youngest boy, he is not as picky, he likes lobster and I can get him to at least try new things, he is always looking for the highest tree to climb to a pile of dirt to dig, he just animals and bugs of all kinds, I worry that one day I will find a bug collection hiding in his room. Lily is my sweet little girl, she loves to be outside digging and playing with her friends. She is kind and has told me a number of times that when she is big she is going to cook for me, I think I will have to hold her to that. She is the most adventurous eater, she loves tomatoes and mushrooms and will try just about anything, but that doesn't mean she will like it and if she doesn't you will hear about it.

Every week I write out my grocery list according to what I have planned to eat the following week. There is never a day when I don't know what I am cooking, I prep my meals the night before if I need to and always know what I need to defrost. I have a husband and three children that keep me pretty busy, I just don't have the time after work to be running around. So each week I will post my menu plan for the week, I always try to keep my weekday meals simple and will very rarely have a meal that will take more than 45 min to get ready from start to finish. On the weekends I prefer to cook meals that take longer to cook, at least once a month I make a big pot of pho which takes me all day, but i love the smells and the flavor it creates, sometimes you just can't rush perfection.

Well that is about all I have to say for now, my photos will probably not be so good, I don't know much about food photography so if you have any tips I would love to hear them even if they are not about photography. Check back tomorrow for my first weekly menu plan.....

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